When Dr. José López-Zeno’s wife became pregnant with triplets, the couple didn’t think of getting their care anywhere else but Northside Hospital’s Center for Perinatal Medicine, where Dr. López-Zeno practices as a perinatologist with Georgia Perinatal Consultants. As an OB/GYN who specializes in analyzing sonograms and other diagnostic imagery of fetuses to identify any issues prior to birth, Dr. López-Zeno knew that his colleagues would provide the best chance for a healthy pregnancy and delivery of his wife’s high-risk situation.

The López-Zenos worried about the high rate of triplet preterm delivery, as well as surgery she needed. Northside, which delivers more babies than any other hospital in the U.S., was the obvious choice given its expertise with multiple-birth complications. The family welcomed three fine babies who remain happy, healthy and active ten years later.