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August 2017

Atlanta Magazine Featured Article

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Dr. Tameeka Law Walker was recently pictured on the cover of Atlanta Magazine's Top Doctors issue. Read the featured article where she describes a life and death moment with a patient. Click to read the article!

August 2016

What is the difference between a Perinatologist and an Obstetrician?

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Becoming pregnant is an amazing thing. You have created a life! The baby you have created  is the size of a peanut, a plum, a potato, a cantaloupe, and eventually a watermelon as it grows inside of you. Emotions are high--excitement, terror, joy, anxiety and hope may rage through your veins. This is your future; your precious [...]

July 2015

Atlanta physician entrusts wife’s triplet pregnancy to colleagues at Northside and Georgia Perinatal

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  When Dr. José López-Zeno’s wife became pregnant with triplets, the couple didn’t think of getting their care anywhere else but Northside Hospital’s Center for Perinatal Medicine, where Dr. López-Zeno practices as a perinatologist with Georgia Perinatal Consultants. As an OB/GYN who specializes in analyzing sonograms and other diagnostic imagery of fetuses to [...]