Becoming pregnant is an amazing thing. You have created a life!

The baby you have created  is the size of a peanut, a plum, a potato, a cantaloupe, and eventually a watermelon as it grows inside of you. Emotions are high–excitement, terror, joy, anxiety and hope may rage through your veins. This is your future; your precious child that you will love, make sacrifices for and devote your life to.  You want to ensure the best for this growing joy inside you.

Your Obstetrician and Perinatologist will work together and guide you through this life changing journey. As your Maternal-Fetal-Medicine physician, we will partner with you, your family, your obstetrician and medical team to navigate the routine and the non-routine during your pregnancy. Our perinatologists have completed an OB/GYN residency in addition to a three-year fellowship in Maternal-Fetal Medicine and are board certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Our focus is on both you and your developing child. We are pregnancy specialists who consult with your primary obstetric team member, the obstetrician. We take care of your health and your developing baby. We ensure that you are fully counseled about your genetic screening options and that you have a complete, comprehensive evaluation of your baby. We see families who have experienced routine and non-routine pregnancies in the past, mothers with chronic health conditions, and women who develop unexpected complications during their pregnancy.

Sometimes, our relationship may begin while you are on your journey to become pregnant. We advise women who have had non-routine outcomes in prior pregnancies so that a plan of care can be established before they become pregnant again. In other cases, we may meet during the pregnancy for a comprehensive evaluation of your baby or if unexpected problems arise.

At Georgia Perinatal Consultants, we work ONE-ON-ONE with you to establish a treatment plan for you and your medical team. Medical information we gather during diagnostic ultrasounds, genetic counseling, clinical history consultations and various diagnostic testing is reported to your obstetrician and has been directly shown to improve maternal and fetal outcomes.

Our goal is to provide you and your obstetrician with EXPERT ADVICE.

Our goal is to see that your journey is a safe one.

Our goal is to ensure comprehensive care.

Our goal is growing family.

Our goal is to be partners with you on this journey.